The Smythe family photoarchives

The pictures on this page are all of my ancestors. My father was George, and his brother Murray. Their father and mother were James Hugh Smythe and Jessie (Janet) Murray (aka Granny and Grandpa Smythe). James Hugh Smythe had a brother Frank, and two sisters Amy and Jean. James Hugh Smythe's parents were George Henderson Smythe and Martha Lawrence McDonald (aka Great Grandpa and Granny Smythe). George Henderson Smythe's parents were Francis Smyth (aka Great Great Grandpa!) and Isabella Ross. Jessie (Janet) Murray's parents were John Murray and Caroline Stevenson (aka Great Grandpa and Grandma Murray).

  Murray (left) and George Smythe (c. 1930)

Great Grannies Murray (left) and Smythe (right)

The dinner hour (Echt school) (c. 1930)

 Grandpa Smythe feeding the chickens (c. 1930)

  Smythe brothers  (left-right) Lt Colonel William (Canadian Army), John Francis Smyth, George Henderson (Major Gordon Highlanders), Hugh Smythe (80 years service with Lord Aberdeen). Photo circa 1918.

  George (foreground), Murray and Joanie with the pony at Barrowsgate (c.1930).

  Great Granny Murray

  (Below from left to right) Frank, Amy, Jean, James Hugh and animals (c. 1895)

  Granny Smythe outside the Learney Arms Hotel. The Hotel was used as a hospital during the Great War (1914-1918). Granny Smythe was a nurse during the war.