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I am an independent IT Consultant specialising in helping charity and not-for-profit organisations. 

This is my old website - 2001-ish

As you might have gathered, my name is Steve Smythe, and I live in Greenwich, London, UK. Goodness knows why anyone would want to read this stuff, but, since you're here...

The reason for producing this page is that I am a bit of a nerd, and it keeps me off the streets where I might come into contact with real people. For my day job, I am a self-employed IT Consultant. To keep myself busy in the evenings, I am (was) a governor of Moatbridge School in Greenwich, a school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Until December 1996, I was Managing Director of Wandsworth Community Transport, which continues to be a very fine organisation. After that, I had a spell as Director of Greenwich Voluntary Action Council before joining Sayer Vincent.They kindly made me redundant so I started my own consultancy. See my company website - Steve Smythe Consulting

In any spare time I have left after doing these things, I enjoy the following:

Biographical Details

So you're still here? I was born in Clydebank, Scotland (but I'm not saying when), and moved to England when I was two.  I attended Bandon Hill primary school, and then Wallington High School for Boys (ugh!). I studied Electronics and Physics at Edinburgh University, and they gave me a BSc degree in it, although you wouldn't think so if you met me. In fact I think they gave it to me just to get rid of me.

After this, I moved back down to London, where I was a 'dustman' for three years. Having by then become as expert a dustman as it's possible to be, I spent some time travelling, and found myself unemployed (and probably unemployable). Another quick career change, after a spell of volunteering, saw me become a Dial-a-Ride driver for above-mentioned Wandsworth Community Transport. Three years later, and I became Co-ordinator, and then finally, Managing Director. After 14 years at WCT, I decided enough was enough when an opportunity came to get a job as Director at Greenwich Voluntary Action Council (GVAC), a newly-formed 'Council for Voluntary Service'.


I have uploaded some of my old website pages from 1996 onwards. I used to get a lot of "hits" for searches on "Alkan" (the composer) so I thought I'd put them back up again.

Old news

To find out what I was up to in the 1990s, click here.

Where I live

Greenwich is a suburb of London, situated on the River Thames on the Prime Meridian (zero degrees of longitude), about five miles east of the centre. A place of enormous historical and geographical significance, Greenwich was chosen to host the UK's Millennium Exhibition to celebrate the year 2000. To find out more about Greenwich , click here. Greenwich Council now has a very informative site, where you will find a lot of useful information.

Who was Alkan?

I'm glad you asked. The answer to this question can be found by clicking here.




A door-to-door transport service for elderly and disabled people.


Refuse collector, garbage collector, cleansing operative, garbologist

Primary school

Junior school, elementary school

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